At this time shipping is to the contiguous US only. Shipping days are Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs, excluding holidays and extreme weather conditions. Orders are typically shipped out within two business days using overnight service with UPS. Overnight service has a flat cost of $45. California overnight shipping is $25. Orders $299+ ship for free. If you would like your order to ship out on a specific day please contact us immediately or leave a comment in the notes section of your order.

Arrive Alive Guarantee

Aquatic Brethren only ships out healthy and established corals that are guaranteed to arrive alive. In the event of a DOA (Dead On Arrival) a photo of the coral must be submitted, still in the original bag, within two hours of delivery. Failure to do so could void the Arrive Alive Guarantee. Upon approval you will have the option of receiving a refund for the price of the coral or another frag of the same coral for a future order. Under no circumstances are shipping costs refunded.

Lighting and Tank Parameters

SPS corals are kept under AquaIllumination Hydra 26. Blues and violets are at max intensity with red/green/white at 20%. Montis are at ~50% of the stated intensities.

LPS and softies are under 150W Maxpect RazorX. Channel A is set at 25%, Channels B and C are at 80%, and Channel D is set at 10%.

  • Salinity: 1.025sg
  • Alkalinity: 8.0 dKH
  • Calcium: ~430ppm
  • Magnesium: ~1400ppm